Strand Ventures Inc. (hereinafter called “The Strand”) is committed to providing the finest in Arts and Entertainment to those patrons with special needs in concert with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and as a matter of good public policy. As such we wish to resolve any ADA-related issues/ complaints or formal grievances in a reasonable, orderly and expeditious fashion. We have therefore established the following grievance procedure to set forth this policy.

Step One: Should a patron have an ADA-related concern or complaint, it will be brought to the attention of the Front of the House Manager, who will attempt to resolve it within the limits of his/her authority. If they are unable to resolve the matter, the patron will be referred to this Procedure, which will be conspicuously posted in the lobby of the theater. They will also be made aware of their right to initiate a formal grievance.

Step Two: In the event that a patron desires to file a formal grievance, the Managing Director/ADA Coordinator will meet with the patron. This meeting will be at a reasonable time/place convenient to a patron with disabilities. The purpose of the meeting is to assist the patron in preparing a written description of the perceived violation of ADA requirements. The meeting will be conducted in a positive fact-finding/problem-solving fashion and not in an adversarial fashion. The written grievance will include the following data:

  1. The patron’s name, address, and telephone number.
  2. A detailed description of what is perceived as a violation. This will include, as applicable, who was involved, where and when it happened (time/place).
  3. What action(s) the patron believes should be taken to resolve the problem.

After the above written grievance is developed, a copy will be given to the patron and a copy sent to The Strand’s ADA Advisory Board, and the Managing Director/ADA Coordinator. The ADA Coordinator will conduct any further investigation that may be warranted and will advise the patron of his/her decision in writing within 30 days from the date of the formal grievance. If an extension of this time is required, the patron will be so advised in writing. In the decision, the patron will be advised that he/she has a right to appeal this decision to the Grievance Committee (Step Three) and if there is no appeal within 30 days the decision will be final and the matter considered resolved. A copy of the decision will be sent to the President of the Board of Directors and the ADA Advisory Board.

Step Three: The members of the Grievance Committee are: The Managing Director/ADA Coordinator and two members of the ADA Advisory Board. They will meet to consider any appeal of the Step Two decision. Other staff members of The Strand may attend if their expertise is required but they will not vote on the decision. The patron may meet with the Committee personally, should the patron so desire, to explain why the matter remains unresolved. The Grievance committee will prepare a findings and decision letter. The decision should take into account the following considerations: Whether or not the complaint is valid, what circumstances caused the situation resulting in the complaint, if these were standard or unusual conditions, whether or not the policy should be revised or if a new policy should be established, any mitigating factors, and the resources needed to resolve the problem. This decision will be sent to the patron and will become an agenda item for the next full Board of Directors meeting. The matter will then be concluded unless implementation, funding, follow-up or similar issues result in it remaining open. If the patron desires periodic updates, they will be provided until the matter is then concluded.