It’s almost showtime!! You are so excited to go to the theater tonight! You have looked forward to this for months! The car ride there is taking especially long too! Ugh!

As you pull up, the Strand is all aglow. Those lights are so warming and almost envelope you in.

As you approach the doors, you look up at the marquis, “SHOW TONIGHT AT 8PM!” It sends chills up your spine.

You enter the lobby and the scent of buttery popcorn and hiss of voices and music, lures you further as you stop to stare up at the grand staircase, almost forgetting to present your ticket to the ushers.

As your eyes wander, you turn the corner. Music is playing on the Baby Grand Piano, the hustle and bustle of people, and that popcorn is calling your name. Which direction do you go in? Into the Gallery for a refreshing libation, to the concessions bar, as you hear the popcorn now calling your name, or directly into the theater? Decisions, decisions!

Anxiety begins to rise, and that popcorn will not stop calling for you! As you succumb to the sights, sounds, and smells, of the popcorn that is, you willingly, no arm-turning for this one, buy a box or two! Drinks in hand, some delightful sweets in your pocket, our ushers open the doors.

As you climb the stairs, your heart races! Your eyes cannot capture the view. What a wonderful view it is! The theater seats filling, the lights, sounds of excitement in the air. The usher leads you to your seat, you begin to get comfortable, and can relax because the popcorn has quieted itself. The grand theater before you, surrounding you. It almost seems surreal. As you take a few kernels and a sip, the music begins. It fills your being, transports you to another world. The show is about to begin, and your heart is full!

At this same time in 2020, sadly, there was no showtime. The lights had been turned off, the lobby cold and drafty, the theater sat alone in darkness. Empty seats, empty stage, just a microphone remained. The smell of silence filled the air then. The excitement had gone, the quiet was almost deafening!

Since then, our lights are shining brightly once again. Our doors are open! The sounds fill the hearts of so many we missed for so long. But, many seats are empty and the laughter not as loud. The halls not as filled with crowd. A bit of an echo surfaces throughout the theater corners. An echo, a void. Our theater not as dark as it once was, but yet not as bright.

Dear Friends of The Strand,

We need your support at this continued, difficult time. Covid continues to impact all of us and our beautiful theater.

The Strand is a not-for-profit organization and we rely on the generosity of our patrons to offset expenses and keep the National Historic Landmark open.

We know times are tough but if you are able, we humbly ask that you consider making a tax-deductible donation to our jewel of Ocean County.

Donating is easy, simply go and click the donate button on the left or go to the drop-down menu, OR, a check can be mailed to:

Strand Ventures, Inc.

400 Clifton Avenue

Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

Thank you for your continued support, we hope to see you soon!

With warmth and gratitude,

The Strand Board of Directors and Staff


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