Get On The Strand's Stage

It is no wonder that THE STRAND is a premier New Jersey theater available for rentals. Our main entrance, under a grand, neon-lit marquee, opens into an elegantly designed lobby and reception gallery. This 2,000 square feet of open space, when not in use for a dinner show, is a great space for receptions (weddings and otherwise), luncheons and dinners, presentations, intimate concerts, community events, and other functions. This space has an adjoining caterers kitchenette and access to plenty of restrooms.

When the house lights dim and 130+ stage lights come up, the audience will be watching your show on THE STRAND’s well-equipped and maintained stage. Our experienced stagehands will help you make use of our eight available line sets for hanging your scenery, will focus and operate the lights, and will give your voices an extra boost with our sound system. When the theater play or concert calls for it, you can house your orchestra in our theater’s 25-person pit. When the actors are not on stage, they can prepare in one of THE STRAND’s six well-appointed dressing rooms or relax (and eat) in our cantina. Also available backstage are bathrooms with showers, and speakers in every room to listen to the onstage action.

Here are some of our forms to fill out to rent THE STRAND THEATER:

Event Information Form

Dance Information Sheet

Price & Rental Breakdown

Dance Recital Information

Strand Seating Chart

Technical Information